March 31, 2010

Our first home!

Here they are! Here are the pictures of our first home. Let me take you on a tour:

Hold on. First of all, you must know that in California there are beautiful flowers EVERYWHERE! I don't know who plants them, but they look awesome.

I will post pictures of our flowerbed/garden soon. My camera isn't working so I haven't gotten to take pictures yet. But that's ok because it's just some dirt and weeds... but not for long!

Ok, back to the tour:

This is our house number/porch light. Neat, huh!

Press play if you'd like to come in...

Hello, who's there? Oh it's you! Welcome to our home, come on in! This is the first thing you will see when you walk into our house. (I keep calling it a house but I think it would technically be defined as an apartment. But I'm going to keep saying house.)

If you turn to your left you will see our living room. That far corner is my desk.

I keep my sunglasses on the opening from the living room to the kitchen.

Along with our Redbox rentals from the night before.

If you were to walk through our living room you'd walk into my favorite room. The kitchen!!

Here is our refrigerator, isn't is soooo great!

This is what is on our refrigerator: emergency maintenance magnet, cute husband, and a sweet note from Scott. He hid it in the cookies because he knew that was the once place I'd for sure see it.

This is the inside of our refrigerator.

This is the inside of our freezer.

This is next to our fridge. I reallllly want to go there.

And this is also next to our fridge. The movie times.

This is our sink. And our under the sink.

This is our silverware drawer.

This is where we keep all of our dishes.

This is our trashcan.

This is where we keep the food.

This is where we keep the bread, tea, and chocolate bunnies.

This is our stove/microwave.

These are my cookbooks!!!!!!!! And a list of things we need to buy.

I wanted to show you this so that you could see the next door I'm about to open.

This is the hot water heater.

On the wall perpendicular to the hot water heater and stove we have our downstairs bathroom.

This is me in the mirror. In PW stance.

This is Scott's downstairs closet. He puts his Marine uniform stuff in there. And I put secret notes in response to his secret notes in there.

This is our patio. It's on the wall with the front door. Across the living room from the kitchen. That pile is more of Scott's Marine things.

And this is in the closet on our patio.

Now, let's head upstairs.

This is the closet at the top of the stairs. It is Scott's upstairs closet. It has more Marine gear in it.

This is our linen closet/dresser. The top 2 are Scott's. And the bottom 2 are mine. And on the very bottom is our dirty clothes pile.

To the right of the linen closet is our bathroom. We only take baths because we don't have our shower curtain or hooks yet.

This is our sink and mirror.

And this is our under the sink.

Back out of the bathroom, here's our bed! It's an air mattress.

This is Scott's night stand. At the time it was filled with pneumonia. It's not anymore, thank God! He's all better! Now all that is on his night stand is a Bible and a phone charger.

I don't know why but I don't have a picture of my night stand. On it is Twilight and Food, Inc. I'm so excited to read both! But mostly Food, Inc.

And here's my closet.

Here's Scott's other dresser. And back there in the corner is our entertainment center. With our computers and electronics.

This is where I put my gym bag. On the ledge. That is also where Scott puts his jacket.

Let's go back downstairs. I've made dinner!

We will be having half-way cooked pizza and corn.

Here's our dining room table.

This is another night of dinner. He had 5 hot dog weiners wrapped in croissants with a banana and some gross tortilla chips. I had 1 hot dog weiner and 3 croissants with pita chips and hummus. We shared the mango that I attempted to cut up with a plastic butter knife. It was a great meal. I would also like to point out that he is so good looking.

This a picture that I had to take for him for his file. I put it on the internet because I like it.

Oh! And here's what we did this weekend! Friday we decided to go to dinner in San Diego (it was our 3 month wedding anniversary and our first anniversary to spend together). So, we drove around looking for something to eat and we found this magical place. Fashion Valley Mall. It had stores I've only read about in magazines...

These were just a few of MANY. Oh man, it was so cool. Every cool store you could dream of. They even had an Apple store! We will be going back very soon.

We decided to see a Shutter Island, so instead of eating somewhere nice we ate at the food court because we didn't have much time. This place had the calories of your food listed on the board. I thought that was really cool. I'm not telling you what I ate.

Saturday we spent the day at the beach, it was so great! I couldn't take pictures. Something funky is going on with my camera. I'm going to get the issue resolved shortly. Saturday night we saw Valentines Day, I LOVED IT!

And the Sunday we tried out a church. The people there were incredibly nice. We're going back this weekend!

Lastly, I promised to keep you updated on my 101 list. Here's my progress:

2. Get a job. I'm going to Human Resources this week. In progress.
7. Take a pottery class. I found the building. Now I just gotta find the time.
16. Read 50 books. I have read 2 cook books and I'm in the process of reading Food, Inc. and Twilight. In progress.
25. Graduate college. I have a meeting with an advisor on base tomorrow to talk about my options. Pray for that!
26. and 27. Become a member of a church and join a home group. Like I said, we tried out a church Sunday. Nothing final has been decided. In progress.
28. Be vegan completely for a week. I've learned a ton of vegan recipes and found good grocery stores. This is going to happen.
30. Take a picture everyday for a year. 2011.
41. Call a different friend from home 5 days out of the week, every week. So far, so good. In progress.
58. Run at least 5 races. 5k or longer. I got a race magazine today. I circled all the ones that look cool. I'm going to be running about 47 races.
59. Have a garden or plant some herbs in pots. Kara sent me seeds and gloves, now I'm just waiting on my pots to get here!
60. Memorize 100 verses. I'm going to write them all on index cards and put them on the wall. I'll show you when I'm done. So far, I've got one memorized. In progress.
63. Visit a friend in another state. I'm planning to go visit my BFF Danielle Landy in New York this summer.
81. Sew something you can wear, and will actually wear. Scott's friend's girlfriend is coming to stay with us this summer and she makes her own clothes! She's totally going to teach me how to do this.
82. Get onto Pioneer Woman's website. I'm doing everything that I possibly can! In progress.
98. Thank God before every meal. This is a good habit. In progress.
99. Check out books from a library. Done!

To view the complete list or check my progress in between postings go here.

Wow, that was a long post. I'm going to shower and go pick up my husband from work now. I miss you guys.