June 20, 2011

iPhone saves the day... or the 6 months.

I wanted to update because my life seems to be routine again. And I'm starting to feel the itch to share all that is going on. I will not make any promises of routine updates but I am going to promise that I will be doing another update this week. There is too much to put in just one post. So much has happened in the past HALF A YEAR (I'm the worst blogger, ever.) but thankfully my trusty iPhone has been by my side the entire way. I figured iPhone pics would be the best way to showcase all that has happened because, like I said, it has been in my hand the past 6 months straight. I will also post links to Facebook for pictures of events taken with an actual camera. If you're looking for beautifully taken photographs, you're in the wrong place. But it has been an eventful time in our lives. If you are my dad or Scott's mom or any of our friends or grandparents. You'll love this post.

So, if you have some time to spare feel free to sit down and catch up on all that has happened with The Gilchrist's in the past 6 months.

1.15.11 Our new house is complete and decorated! And we're moving again in a month... Don't worry, we'll still be at Pendleton, we're just going up the street to the neighborhood with backyards.

1.31.11 I went to the Price is Right with my friend Sarah. (Who had a beautiful baby boy in March!) Drew Carey was so great. I'm serious, I really like that guy.

2.12.11 I discovered a new snack that I love.

2.17.11 My parent's came to visit! My dad has been dying for me to do a post about their time here. But, here's the deal: DAD, YOU TOOK ALL THE PICS! I don't have many. Only these few iPhone ones. I'm sorry, Dad! I love you. While they were here we went to Coldstone twice (maybe 3 times)! Yum.

2.24.11 God hung out.

2.25.11 Brucey moved to Cali!

2.26.11 And his grandma brought him a cool Cali polo.

2.27.11 He loves it here!

2.28.11 I played a word on Words With Friends for 99 points!

2.27.11 I learned how to make the best hot chocolate and became obsessed with Criminal Minds. The mug is from when Whitney and I visited Warner Brothers Studios. That post is here.

3.5.11 I joined a produce delivery service called Abundant Harvest Organics. They deliver fresh picked, organic produce to you every week! I have been learning to love all kinds of foods- like beets.

3.14.11 Brucey drinks out of the toilet...

3.15.11 Danielle came to visit! For her California pictures check here.

3.15.11 Lo and Luiz visited! You can read all about their trip around Europe on her blog, it's precious. And if you'd like to see the pictures from their California vacation, they are here.

3.17.11 I caught the fever.

3.18.11 I developed an obsession with juicing things.

3.22.11 I developed an obsession with my cat. Sorry, Lauren.

3.22.11 I made bible page canvases.

3.23.11 We got a fish and named him Jesus!

3.23.11 Bruce did not eat Jesus. And still has not eaten him!

3.25.11 I planted a garden. This is the before picture. I forgot to take an after picture but all the plants died. I'll take a picture soon and post it.

3.26.11 God worked in me.

3.28.11 Green juice and salad.

3.29.11 I decided to run a marathon.

3.30.11 I changed my mind. No marathon.

3.30.11 Grapefruit juice with quinoa salad.

3.29.11 Melissa and I went to a taping of Ellen!

3.31.11 I bought a onesie at a garage sale for $1.

3.31.11 Carrot juice with raw trail mix.

3.31.11 Beach days, lots of 'em.

4.1.11 Strawberry lemonade with spinach salad.

4.2.11 Brucey got a hardcore tag.

4.3.11 God lead me to a new church.

4.8.11 And a new, super sweet friend. Missy!

4.8.11 Edamame with spring rolls. Do you guys know how easy it is to make spring rolls? All you have to do is make something to put on the inside and then buy spring roll wrappers and put them on the outside. So simple!

4.9.11 I didn't do the dishes. I never do the dishes.

4.12.11 Asparagus with pasta salad.

4.12.11 New hair cut!

4.13.11 I began nannying for one of the cutest babies in the world. I started watching him before this date but this was when the picture was taken.

4.14.11 Bruce went vegan.


4.15.11 I threw away my first camelback nalgene.

4.16.11 Became obsessed with green juice.

4.17.11 The lint from the dryer made a heart.

4.18.11 Brittney and I found this at Target...

4.19.11 MY HUSBAND CAME HOME! And so did all of his friends.

4.20.11 Brucey was so excited to see his dad. He wanted to wear his 3/5 Shirt. Who am I to say no?

4.20.11 Homecoming day!!

4.20.11 For a complete look at the festivities of this day check out my Facebook album. It was amazing. You'll see, if you look at the pictures. His mom and I were so excited. And happy. It was the best day ever.

4.22.11 I don't have to pump my own gas, anymore!

4.23.11. Scott turned 23!

4.23.11 And fell in love with Black Ops. Lame.

4.23.11 We went to Knotts BerryFarm for Scott's birthday!

4.24.11 Easter! Jesus rose and Scott got a really cool handmade knife.

4.27.11 Many more beach days.

5.2.11 Scott bought CHACOS!

5.6.11 TEXAS!

5.6.11 Homecoming banner #1

5.6.11 Chicken Express!

5.6.11 Homecoming banner #2

5.7.11 Chicken E sweet tea the size of my head, baby!

5.7.11 JT and Bridget!

5.8.11 Mother's Day!

5.8.11 A little treat for you, ladies.

5.9.11 Rachel got team member of the week, I think...!

5.12.11 I turned 22! With a MacBook Pro (THANKS, DAD!), a handgun (THANKS, HUBS!), and sweet hiking boots (THANKS AGAIN, HUBBY)!

5.12.11 Missy and David sent me flowers and balloons for my birthday, how sweet.

5.12.11 Scott and my dad got me a kitten for my birthday! Not. But we did find her. And then we had to give her away.

5.12.11 Scott's sweet, sweet dad got me flowers and cake!

5.12.11 I discovered that I love the Red Wings!

5.13.11 Bieber movie!

5.14.11 Scott and I attempted the Capri Sun Challenge. 15 Capri Suns in 15 minutes.

Later on 5.14.11 Bad idea.

5.15.11 Scott's sister came and picked us up and took us to Oklahoma for a welcome home party for "Corporal Hottie Scottie".

5.15.11 Homecoming banner #3

5.15.11 Scott received his NCO sword from Rex! It's beautiful.

5.15.11 Such a great night!

5.15.11 Oh yeah, and Connor attempted the Capri Sun Challenge... For more pictures like this check out this album, and this album.

5.25.11 We saw George Jefferson at DFW airport! Scott screamed like a little kid and then I made him go take a picture.

5.29.11 We got back to California and Brucey continued veganism.

5.31.11 Whitney found this and sent it to me...

6.2.11 Texass?

6.4.11 Darlene and Danielle came to Cali!

6.5.11 Scott's mom and sister got us tickets and a private concert pass to see Tim McGraw!

And The Band Perry. And Luke Bryan but for some reason I don't have a picture of him. Check out Danielle's pics here, for a complete recap.

6.10.11 We went to Las Vegas for the Marine Corps Ball!

6.11.11 Best part of Vegas? The buffets!

6.11.11 For the rest of the pictures check out my Facebook album, here.

7.4.11 Happy 4th of July smoothies!

7.4.11 It was a new experience to watch the fireworks on the beach. We enjoyed it!

Alright, y'all. I'm gonna go crawl into bed with this guy. In just a couple days I have another post that I am so excited to write! Keep checking back because this is one you won't want to miss. Seriously. You'll want to read it.

WAIT, I thought you should see this. Ok, I'll leave you alone now.

Much love!