June 20, 2010

I've just been busy, ok?

This time I'm not even going to try and make excuses. I will just show you all of my excuses. I've been very, very busy lately...

Busy turning 21!

Busy going out to dinner at fancy California restaurants.

Busy having picnics on the beach.

Busy tending to my herb "garden".

Busy cruising around in our 4Runner.

Busy charming snakes.

Busy staring at my Marine husband.

Busy filling up picture frames. (But not that busy, obviously...)

Busy hanging necklaces.

Busy making this.

Busy laughing at this.

Busy gawking over how cute I was and busy trying to convince my husband to go SCUBA diving.

Busy wishing we had better lighting in our bathroom.

Busy meeting Big John McCarthy.

Busy watching my husband go gangster.

Busy making cupcakes.

Busy making cakes!

Busy discovering new fruits.

Busy juicing things.

Busy making strawberry-pineapple juice.

And papaya juice.

And morning juice.

And fresh orange juice!

Busy making sure he doesn't blow anything up. (Well, anything he's not supposed to blow up.)

Busy making smoothies...

...fancy smoothies.

Busy cutting lots of Marine hair.

Busy hanging out with Sarah.

Busy hanging out with Darlene!

Busy hanging out with Hunter and Nathan.

Busy playing with Katie and Amelia!

Busy watching Scottie overcome his worst fear: the ocean.

And his second worst fear: being buried alive.

Nevermind, he's just napping.

Busy making Macaroni Grill bread.

Busy skim boarding.

Busy playing on the beach at night.

Busy making homemade tortillas!

I would also show you that I've been busy watching my dear husband get a tattoo. And busy playing with Connor. And busy going kayaking. And busy going to Hollywood. And busy hiking. And busy getting our first flat tire. And busy making vegan brownies. But I can't because I deleted all those pictures before I uploaded them to the computer. I think I must have misplaced my brain in somewhere in-between all the business.

So there you have it! I've been busy, alright? Forgive me. I am getting back on track. From now on you can expect weekly posts.

Oh! And happy fathers' day!

And mothers' day! Sorry I'm a little late, mom.

See you guys next week! Unless I get too busy...