May 7, 2010

Jane Wayne and fame.

I'm sure by now you've all heard and seen. I was on the San Diego news last night and this morning. The world has finally realized how great I am. I can't get out my door without being bombarded by people wanting my autograph. My phone rings at all hours of the night. My facebook is blowing up. I had to get an agent AND a bodyguard. Ya know, It's a rough life but one I'm willing to live. That's just the price of being a locally renowned military wife.

Ok, just kidding. But I really was on the news! You are definitely going to want to watch this if you haven't yet, here ya go. I'm excited that I was on TV. I'm not excited that I flexed and growled at the end.

Here are some pictures from "Jane Wayne Day". It was so so fun!

They let/made us all wear flak jackets and kevlars. I don't know how to spell those things but I can ask Scottie Hubby when he gets home.

We got to do the obstacle course. The Marines don't like it when you stop in the middle to take pictures...

They even let us shoot real guns!! Like the M16, M4, and the SAW!

And the real guns had real bullets! By the way, this is my new friend April. She is so nice.

We also shot fake guns with fake bullets at fake people on a real screen.

Oh man, we also got to play with this. Don't worry, it's not loaded. It's a 50 Cal. Whatever that means.

And they let us eat MREs. How sweet of them. MREs are meals designed for Marines to eat out in the field. They each have enough calories so that a Marine would only need to eat one per day and they can last forever. Literally forever. Who knows how old this is? Yummy, right?

Jane Wayne Day is my new favorite day of the year! Well, besides my birthday. My birthday, that is on May 12th. Like next Wednesday. My birthday, my 21st birthday, this Wednesday. This is going to be a great week. I can feel it.


Courtney said...

I am so proud of you Tricia. Im going to show my whole family and everyone at the rec :)

Emily said...

Oh my gosh Tricia you are so cute. I love that you are taking the cake decorating class, I loved mine & I have always wanted to do more, maybe I will someday. Love you & Happy Birthday!